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What to Anticipate When Selecting A Certified Used Lincoln MKS

Oftentimes, you purchase a used vehicle since you don't have the budget or access to financing for a completely new model. Pre-owned vehicles suit most people's finances, but their quality can be quite a indication of their low price. The same is simply not correct for Lincoln vehicles under their Certified Pre-Owned program. A used Lincoln MKZ, for example, sell for an affordable price yet the craftsmanship is practically that of a completely new model.

Examinations and Background Investigations

The thing that makes Certified Pre-Owned vehicles like a used Lincoln MKS different from other types of second-hand automobiles is each car with the Certified Pre-Owned Program tag went through many of the strictest investigations in the market. In reality, only some second hand Lincoln is qualified, because the assessments are among the toughest.

How hard? First, your used Lincoln MKS must not be more than six model years old and shows below 60,000 mileage on its odometer. Next, it should meet a meticulous check up made up of 200 points. Technicians trained in Lincoln's own industrial facilities examine a second hand car, exposing its components to stringent requirements. Anything from the motors to the grilles, exterior doors, and wipers are checked. If a component fails to pass, the techs can restore or upgrade them.

In addition, vehicles under the program need a Vehicle History Report. Lincoln checks for proof of wear and tear as a result of fire and flood, if it is a salvaged car, and collisions in its record. Lincoln also checks the car's title history and odometer problems such as possible tampering. No documentation is given without having the report, or if big problems were found in the record.

It Comes With Warranty information, Too

The strict check up already assures you the Lincoln town car for sale you are seeking is a dependable, high-quality automobile. Lincoln also provides numerous warranties and assistance services you usually see with new vehicles.

Each Certified Pre-Owned Lincoln comes with a limited service contract. This includes repair or replacement of pieces and components. The limited service contract works for six years from the date the first Lincoln New Vehicle Limited Warranty started or when your odometer clocks 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Certified cars come with a basic deductible of $100 to keep repair and replacement expenses minimal. You can also ask for extended coverage for that Lincoln town car for sale.

You can also gain access to Lincoln's free roadside program. Besides a 24/7 year-round service, this roadside service comes with a travel expense reimbursement of up to $500 if the car breaks down more than 100 miles from your own home. Lincoln can also give you $75 for emergency transport to the places you were heading. If the problems with your automobile take time to sort out, you may get up to $45 daily of car rental reimbursement, up to five days.

These are the basic reasons a used Lincoln MKX for sale is still a good purchase regardless of its second hand condition. With the Certified Pre-Owned tag, you can be sure you are buying a car that is nearly good as new.

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